Jesse has been a Certified Massage Therapist for over 18 years. She has acquired multiple professional trades over her lifetime but kept massage therapy, health, and fitness close to her heart.
She graduated from the Advanced School of Massage Therapy in 1998, left the industry after 5 years later to acquire other professional trades. She continued to massage family and friends during her different careers and returned to the massage industry in August 2021.
Obtaining her updated credentials from the Massage Center and receiving her Graston Technique® Clinician Certification, she is collaborating with a very busy Chiropractic Clinic in Ventura County to assist patients with their health journey.
 She also is a Massage Researcher and developed a technique to incorporate a diverse set of modalities that is both efficient and effective. 2022 was a year of development, experiment, and statistics which proved her theory to be 97% accurate. The goal is to manage a variety of pain variables that helps not only the patients, but the therapists as well. The technique is developed for efficiency, and effectiveness which will conclude in positive results  
The purpose of her research is to write a multitude of articles to be published in medical journals, magazines, and books.  This is in hopes to collaborate with future practitioners, dotors to help develope more techniques for pain management